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What We Offer

The Spanish classes at Learn and Help Spanish Academy are all one on one, and our aim is to give our students the best language instruction. Our teachers are all trained and experienced Spanish instructors and highly qualified with many years of experience. The classes cater to the individual students’ needs and interests. The academy works with students at all levels, children, and adults alike. Whether you are a beginner or advanced in Spanish language we will accommodate your needs and help you come up with a study plan that satisfies your interests. Classes are provided Monday through Saturday, and we work with our students’ schedules to create the best fit for their lifestyle. The duration of the classes can last from one week to one month and students who choose stay longer than one month are also accommodated.

Spanish Lessons

Learn and Help Spanish Academy has developed our program based on the model of the Cervantes Institute for the teaching of Spanish as a second language; It employs five levels: Beginner I, Beginner II, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced). Before your first lesson, we will send you a test of Spanish, and based on the results of the tests, you will be placed in the level that best suits you. After completing each level, you will be tested before ascending to the next level. Your learning progress is closely supervised by a Learn and Help Academy coordinator, as well as your personal instructor.


Learn and Help Spanish Academy also offers an e-learning educational system based on the model of a student and a teacher communicating via Skype conference. This program is designed to create and execute a classroom environment in any part of the world at any given time.


Learn and Help Spanish Academy provides high quality materials for our students to offer the best curriculum to enhance their knowledge and develop their Spanish skills. Learn and Help materials provided to students are tailored to their area and level of study.  

Accommodation for Students

The city of Antigua is a charming and beautiful city, with many opportunities for you to learn about cultures and history while practicing your Spanish. We offer our students several choices of accommodation in Antigua while you study with Learn and Help Spanish Academy, and ensure their safe arrival at their living arrangements upon arrival in Guatemala. 



Learn and Help Spanish Academy offers cultural immersion and volunteer packages to students that include homestay accommodation, Spanish lessons, cultural activities, airport transport, a variety of volunteer opportunities and more. For more information about these packages, click here.

The Humanity First office and Learn and Help Spanish Academy are just a five-minute walk from the central park of Antigua, making it easy and accessible to get to. We also provide transportation from the airport in Guatemala City to your accommodation in Antigua. There are also taxis and mini-bus services that transport people between Guatemala and Antigua. The cost of a taxi is roughly $50.00 USD.

Housing options are also offered to Learn and Help Spanish academy students at the time of registration. With the arrangement of a family stay, you will be placed with a Guatemalan family. This can provide a very rewarding cultural experience and will give you the opportunity to practise Spanish through complete immersion. You will be provided with either a shared or private room, a shared or private bathroom, hot water showers, purified water and meals with the family. Meals will be either include either breakfast and dinner or breakfast, lunch and dinner and will be served during the week, depending on the arrangement with the family. Other options include arrangements in an Antigua hotel, hostel or apartment. These costs are not included in your package fees. Please contact to request more information regarding the facilities of homestays, rates for accommodation options and details to choose housing that best suites your needs. 

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