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Who Are We?

Humanity First’s Learn and Help Spanish Academy is a well-established school with a high reputation. Our classes are all one on one so the student gets the best education and instruction. The classes are tailored to the students’ needs, abilities, and interests. We provide our students free of charge with the study materials they will need at their particular level.

About Us

Learn and Help Academy is a leading Spanish academy in the field of comprehensive education of Spanish as a foreign language. We apply innovating methodologies and the highest educative quality, resulting in linguistically competent individuals. Our Spanish academy is one of several programs in Guatemala run by Humanity First Guatemala, a non-profit humanitarian organization.

Humanity First Guatemala has been serving Guatemalans in need since establishment in 2010. In five years, Humanity First Guatemala has continued to meet and exceed goals and expectations to decrease the suffering and extreme poverty of Guatemalan families. Through support services such as disaster relief assistance, human development projects, medical screenings and treatments, and educational programs, Humanity First has been able to build and strengthen the capacity for thousands of Guatemalans. Areas of focus include: Water for Life, Knowledge for Life, Global Health, disaster relief and Vocational Training. or more information about our projects, visit or Humanity First programs.

Educational Model

Our goal is to provide individual instruction with custom classes of a one-on-one student-teacher ratio. This interaction will provide an efficient development of each student. Our teachers are very experienced, with many years of practice and have successfully prepared hundreds of students throughout the development of their profession. These same instructors will prepare you in learning Spanish successfully and efficiently throughout the following learning methods:


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